Adventure Skateboard Decks.
When we started this crazy idea, it started really out of a road trip across the country in an ‘86 VW Vanagon named Luna. We would go hike in the morning, pull off to a coffee shop to work during the hottest part of the day, then drive to a campsite or Walmart parking lot to sleep at night...and start over the next day. 
Growing up at the beach, I really didn’t think I would ever find something I loved or as beautiful as that. Then we pulled into Joshua Tree. The blooms were in full force, so the desert landscape/colors just absolutely blew our mind. It was like a playground that we could climb, jump, and explore. That was one of the places we spent longest time in...the other being in Ventura. We stumbled on a campsite that was like out of a storybook. The ocean touching hills to hike on. Curling waves with hardly anyone on them. 
The two places were equally as life changing and beautiful, just in two very different ways. 
This project was fun to explore that and reopen those memories. Each inspired by those specific places. I’m curious you have a favorite? ϟ

*both photos were taken by us on the trip and owned by 
de Haas Design.